Installation by Future Scenarios:

Maaike Stutterheim, Van’t Hullenaar & Vis, Artemis Potamianou, Fotini Gouseti, Mike Ottink, Giorgos Tserionis, Alysa Moxley, Theodoros Zafeiropoulos, Gerwin Luijendijk and Lydia Andrioti.

Future Scenarios is an art project that functions as an experimental collaborative artist platform. Maaike Stutterheim together with artist duo Van ’t Hullenaar & Vis initiated this project in 2015 with the desire to use Athens as a stage for collaborative artistic work that will function as a cultural exchange between The Netherlands and Greece. Together all the artists involved in this project will use the bridging potency of the visual language to imagine and create a new form of community between these two places.

The Artefact Time Machine, a Prologue at Art Athina is the second presentation within the framework of Future Scenarios. The Artefact Time Machine will now go on to be developed collaboratively as a series of happenings/events/exhibitions that will unfold over the course of 2016/17. As a point of departure for this project we will focus on man made objects to investigate how the future can be regarded as equally a product of our past and present, as history can be regarded as a product of our present and future using our human/artistic capabilities of imagination, perception and projection.